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NastyClamps.com! Home of the Flexible Photography Clamp!

They're simple.  Brilliant.  Vaguely obscene looking.





And they will change the way you work!

Hey!  You're a photographer, right?

Or, just maybe, you work as a cinematographer, videographer, grip,

gaffer, or location sound mixer...

No matter what your title is, you really like working with cameras, lighting gear, and all the other assorted doo-dads and toys that go along with the job.  

Nasty Clamps can help you out!




Nasty Clamps are the incredibly handy (though admittedly obscene looking) flexible tools that you need for mounting your portable strobes, point 'n' shoot cameras, audio recorders, smaller LED light panels, or just about any other piece of mid-weight gear that comes equipped with a standard 1/4" tripod hole.



With your Nasty Clamps, you'll work faster and smarter as you simply clamp your gear into place.  

By the way, clients, models, and your fellow crew members absolutely love it when everyone is working smarter and faster

As an added bonus, really great accessories are available for your Nasty Clamps (i.e.: hot shoe adapters, extra flex-arm material), and so you'll want to check those out too!



 Here's what some really smart people are saying about Nasty Clamps...

"Hand me another Nasty" has quickly becoming my favorite thing to say on set.  

These goosenecked black beauties have a thousand and two uses, with

one of their first uses being as a sure-fire conversation starter.

Steven L.  Rychetnik     Director, Cinematographer     SPROCKETHEADS




The provocatively named Nasty Clamps may look like they belong in an

S&M movie but their purpose is actually quite practical. Designed by

Portland, Oregon-based photographer Matthew Monroe, Nasty Clamps

let you attach your off-camera strobes and other light modifiers to

trees, fences, telephone polls and other outcroppings for additional

illumination in a scene.


Dan Havlik     Objects of Desire     PDN GEAR GUIDE




Your Nasty Clamp totally saved my ass.


Zeke Kamm     Photographer, Writer     NICE PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE




Sounds kinda' interesting, huh?

Something you might want to try out?

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And what about accessories?

We've got those, too!

Hot shoe adapters...

Extra flex-arm material...

  Click HERE to see our other great Accessories!


And guess what?

We Got SCHWAG!!!

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